How itworks

You're only a few steps away from empowering your members to work with you and each other as a single, powerful, shipping service provider.

Step 1

Tell us about yourself. Tell us how you'd like us to tell others about you, where you are and how to contact you.

Step 2

Tell us which organizations you belong to. Doozee Rates is designed to leverage the power of freight forwarder networks and multinationals.

Step 3

Tell us who does what. Add as many users as you like and tell us what role they play (administrator, financial manager, or staff).

Step 4

Tell us where you are. To include first and last mile rates, you tell us about your facilities: where they are, what services they provide, and how much you charge. We do the rest.

Step 5

Keep track. We provide a powerful dashboard to give you all the key information you need about your clients, your partners, and your shipments. We're adding features all the time, so if there's something else you'd like us to consider, just ask!

Doozee networks

Networks provide a source of agents for freight forwarders, providing freight forwarders with a choice of overseas partners.

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Freight forwarders

Doozee Rates is a powerful, elegant enterprise solution for freight forwarders and (soon) other shipping service providers.

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Multi- nationals

Doozee for multinationals combines all the power of a freight network with the accountability and management of a tightly run company group.

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